For being a small town, Puerto Villamil offers a lot of dining options. There is the popular “restaurant row” along the main square in town, directly behind the hotel, there are some beachfront restaurants just down from the hotel, and there are a few gems hidden further afield.

For a typical local lunch, look for the “almuerzo” specials. This come with a glass of juice, soup of the day, rice with fish or meat and usually a desert. Prices may range from $7-10 for an almuerzo lunch.

Dinner may set you back $20 or more if you’re enjoying a few beers or glasses of wine. Expect lots of seafood on the island! Chicken is also abundant, while beef is a bit less common and vegetarian options can be limited. Ask our hotel staff for recommendations, they are always happy to suggest somewhere to meet your needs.

Some restaurants we can suggest include Coco Surf, Delfinos, Booby Trap and Shawarma Hot. But there are many other options including the local market! Take a look at a write up done by Galakiwi that features pictures from more than 10 dining options on Isabela Island.